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RGL's FROZEN  DRINK MACHINE RENTALS - Don’t be a slave to your blender.RGL's Frozen Drink Machine Rentals Prides Itself On Providing You With Excellent Customer Service, Great Frozen Drink Machines And Competitive Rates.we service corpus christi, texas and surrounding areas
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Q. How much ice do I need to provide?
No ice is needed with our Faby machines. All you need to provide is water and liquor. The machine will freeze all of the product in the hopper.
Q. How long does it take for everything to freeze?
It takes about two hours to freeze or a little longer in the heat of summer if the machine is placed outside. You can shorten the freeze time by putting your liquor in the freezer (it won’t freeze) and chilling your water in the refrigerator the night before your party. Keep in mind that if the liquid going into the machine is at 40 degrees it will take half the time to freeze than if it were at 80 degrees.
Q. Can I pay with a check?
No. We only accept Cash, Debit or Credit (Visa and MasterCard.)
Q. When can I expect to see the machine at my home?
We try to arrive at least 2 ½ hours before your party begins. Normally a lot earlier than that. We call when en-route and about 30 minutes away.
Q. How long is the rental period for?
The rental period is for overnight. We have multiple drop-offs during the day and multiple pickups the next morning. We start collecting our machines at 10:30 the next morning but can agree to a specific time.
Q. What do I get with my rental?
You will receive a Faby single or double bowl machine, one or two free bottles of mix to fill it, cups, straws, salter, lime juice, delivery, set up, pick up and cleaning of the machine.
Q. How many servings will I get?
The Faby I (single bowl) will yield up to 50 8oz servings. The Faby II (double bowl) will yield up to 100 8oz servings.
Q. Can I purchase additional mix?
Q. How much power does it use?
Faby I will pull about 10 amps and the Faby II about 15 amps and both will require a dedicated (non-shared) power outlet.
Q. Can I have the machine outside away from my house?
Yes but it must be protected from direct sunlight to help it freeze the product and it MUST have a heavy-duty extension cord. These are 10 or 12 gauge. Medium-duty cords will get hot and become fire hazards.

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